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It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up to such good news. 

Opinions, anyone?

I wish I had the kind of power to do something like this…


Double edged sword

Guess whose suffering you moronic little shits?

The people of Zimbabwe.  Not just the white people before you masturbate your pathetic racist little egos…

"Soon after independence Mugabe set about establishing a one-party state run by his political party, the Zanu-PF, establishing a North Korean trained security force, the Fifth Brigade, in August 1981 designed to deal with internal dissidents.[5] Mugabe attacked former allies ZAPU in which the Fifth Brigade crushed an armed rebellion by fighters loyal to his rivalJoshua Nkomo, leader of the minority Ndebele tribe, in the province ofMatabeleland. Between 1982 and 1985 at least 20,000 people died in ethnic cleansing and were buried in mass graves.”

Mugabe has been uncompromising in his opposition to LGBT rights in Zimbabwe. In September 1995, Zimbabwe’s parliament introduced legislation banning homosexual acts.[55] In 1997, a court found Canaan Banana, Mugabe’s predecessor and the first President of Zimbabwe, guilty of 11 counts of sodomy and indecent assault.[56] He has previously referred to lesbians and gays as being “worse than dogs and pigs”.[57]

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), life expectancy at birth for Zimbabwean men has since become 37 years and is 34 years for women, the lowest such figures for any nation.[47] The World Bank’s 1995 report predicted this decline in life expectancy from its 1990 height of 64 years when, commenting on health care system cuts mandated by the IMF structural adjustment programme, it stated that “The decline in resources is creating strains and threatening the sustainability of health sector achievements”

You spoilt, shameless, sociopathic pieces of shit.   You take delight in the actions of an indiscriminate mass murderer because he targets a race you hate every now and then.

Fuck all of you. 

If you praise anything Mugabe does, or consider him a legitimate leader in any way, you’re a fucking moron of the highest order.

His own fucking people are starving to death in one of the most fertile nations on earth: before he got his hands on Zimbabwe it was called “the breadbasket of Africa” but SJWs think he’s a wonderful leader because lol whitey

anyway isn’t this man racist by Tumblr’s own terms, as he is trying to destroy an ethnic minority and has power and privilege? 

Yes, good job. Congladurations! ;D

But sjws think whites have power everywhere because they’re so fucking westerncentric with their views. They’d even say that a White dude in fucking Japan has more power over the fucking majority even though the Japanese are the ones with power. It’s idiotic.

I did say that people would start praising Mugabe. I was not wrong. Unfortunately, some parts of this website never really disappoint.

Sometimes the SJ side of tumblr is embarrassing. Sometimes it’s downright disturbing.


The Last Japanese Mermaids 

For nearly two thousand years, Japanese women living in coastal fishing villages made a remarkable livelihood hunting the ocean for oysters and abalone, a sea snail that produces pearls. They are known as Ama. The few women left still make their living by filling their lungs with air and diving for long periods of time deep into the Pacific ocean, with nothing more than a mask and flippers.

In the mid 20th century, Iwase Yoshiyuki returned to the fishing village where he grew up and photographed these women when the unusual profession was still very much alive. After graduating from law school, Yoshiyuki had been given an early Kodak camera and found himself drawn to the ancient tradition of the ama divers in his hometown. His photographs are thought to be the only comprehensive documentation of the near-extinct tradition in existence

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