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Me crying like a dumb baby, and saying thank you, and that I love all of you.

We Love You Risk!!! *Hugs*!!

When In Need...



K, situations like this are scary to be in real life, let alone the internet. Sitting here on pins and needles literally thousands of miles away only adds a healthy amount of frustration to the mix.

So I have a proposition to make to everyone and anyone.

Everyone needs help at…

My number is 615-454-7711. If you guys ever need some encouragement or someone to vent to, I’m a text/phone call away.


Thank you for taking charge of the situation. You handled it well. I rather have her pissed and alive than dead.

Unfortunately, I have some experience in this kind of crisis. And fear is also a huge motivator.

Thank you, all of you, for doing what you can. I will continue sending her messages of love. I don’t even care if she comes back to tell us that she hates us, as long as she is okay.

She can be mad, but she will know that there are a lot of people out there who care about her!

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